martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Trabajo sexual, sociedad y estigma

The complexities of sex work, society & stigma:

I.) by TAMPEP:
Why Sex Work Should Not Be A Crime

1. Stigma and violence against sex workers is fueled by the fact that sex work is a crime.

2. Because sex work is a crime, sex workers are denied protection by police and the courts.

3. Risks that sex workers may face ─ such as violence, extortion, kidnapping or confinement ─ are already against the law.

4. Because sex work is a crime, sex workers must work alone or incriminate their associates.

5. Because sex work is a crime, sex workers are discriminated against and face social exclusion.

6. Because sex work is a crime, sex workers are denied protection under labour law.

7. Sex workers' access to healthcare that is relevant and non-judgmental is hindered by the fact that sex work is a crime.

8. Laws that make sex work a crime infringe upon our sexual freedom, in particular, the freedom to set the terms under which we agree to have sex.

9. Because sex work is a crime, sex workers' choices for work are severely limited.

10. Any new law that would make buying sex a crime would limit sex workers' ability to earn an living and would not protect sex workers from harm.

II.) by MoF:
Economic Analysis of Stigmatisation

A. Even in countries where sex work is not a crime but legalized, most of the above is true.

B. Then the stigma, re-stigmatisation, self-stigmatisation (internalized stigma, moral law), the criminalisation of 3rd parties and activities in the vicinity of sex work become reason for exclusion.

C. It turns out to be a very long way to reach for all the necessary levels of tolerance, decriminalisation, anti-discrimination, acceptance and inclusion. To honour diversity and the very services by sex workers is only possible to content people and societies, who are not trapped in a capitalistic competition every one against everyone, based on the philosophy and reality of scarce resources and limited opportunities, but who are confident to open future and unlimited possible solutions and innovations.

D. Inclusion is not available in most countries, due to the difference or incompatibility of sex work in regard to traditional or family values. They partly derive from emotions like jealousy or disgust. Sex work and pay6consumption is just the opposite to marriage. Conservatism is devoted to sustainability where sex work is very much disadvantaged intrinsically (biologistic of youth and sexiness...) and extrinsically (structural exclusion...).

E. The sex in sex work makes the age old profession be easy targeted by "sexual politics" [Kate Millett 1969].

F. To have a stigmatized omega group is easy and effective for societies in crisis situations. Witch hunts can only be prevented long before happening by preventing bad fate for the society in total. When capitalism crashes periodically, over-population, peak-oil and climate change take their toll, it becomes more and more unlikely to manage all that well. The cost to manage and develop complex cultures at one point becomes to high to what is available and the state or culture collapse.

F. The deeper root of the incompatibility of sex work with traditional society lies in a difference in economy, thinking and lifestyle. Whereas sex workers can live in the here-now and sell what was gifted to us by nature, all other folks need to study, work hard in 5to9 jobs and become PRE-FINANCED by parents or investors in order to be able to produce valuable goods or services before being able to start trading and making any income.

G. Sex workers therefore can live in an archaic BARTER-TRADE ECONOMY (paradise), whereas rest of society is expelled and must live in modern PRE-FINANCED ECONOMY, where the time value of money needs to be accounted for (compound interest, mortgage, insurance, pension plan, social security, family values...).

H. Unless that is not fully understood, sex workers and the sex worker community can not develop healthy business strategies and infrastructure institutions to sustainable career planning and living long and healthy lives. Then the early capitalism very tough competitive market rules take over and create much misery, where then the traditional society has no better answer other than to criminalize all sex business activities. Then the circle of criminalisation and later possible liberalisation and emancipation starts over again.


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